About Us

Pirate’s Well was founded on the principles of “Great Food, Great Service, for a Great Value”.


When you visit Pirate’s Well it is as if you are a guest in our home. We emphasize the fact that we are a family and we welcome you to become a part of our family. From our experienced culinary team to our vibrant staff of server and bartenders, you will truly feel at home.


“Pirate’s Well”, is an actual location in the Bahamas on the Island of Mayaguana located about 450 miles from the port of Palm Beach. When the original Pirates of the Caribbean settles on the land in the Bahamas then dug beneath the water table in search of drinkable water. They then put the water in wine and rum casks and set sail. After reading this story I was inspired to the point that I thought guests might want to have a drink from our well.


Since originating in 2010, we have dialed in on our details and strive to provide the perfect dining experience and or party experience. we hope you enjoy your visit with us and,
“Welcome to the F

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